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Rashid Suliman - Planning
Saleh Ahmed - Desinging


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The book enables everyone to learn to read Arabic properly. After thirty years of education at the primary and basic levels, and after several experiences in more than one Arabic-speaking country and other non-Arabic speaking countries, we came to the conclusion that the best way to teach reading in Arabic, on which the book The Source of Reading depends, is a rule from the part to the whole. In this book, we intentionally strip the letters from pictures, words and chants so that the learner’s focus is on the letter itself, and the letter is taught carefully from short and long movements with tanween and with letter shapes and then moving to the next letter.


Level One

A book for children under the age of four, which focuses on letter in all its forms

Level Two

The exercises that the learner undergoes are from the letters that he learned only.


Level Three

The learner is trained to read the words that have sukoon, shadah, and alifs of all kinds, as well.


Level Four

The fourth level, which includes advanced types of pronouns, with appropriate linguistic structures